Brew with intention

Everything you need to master the art of pour over coffee at home—right down to the beans and eco-friendly coffee filters. Whenever you're craving a barista-quality brew, The Cafe Collection is here for you.

The perfect pour.

Start each day by carving out a few minutes for yourself. The Coffee Dripper fits perfectly atop The Mugs, and was designed to unearth your coffee's intricate tastes and textures. Fine-tailor the process to be as simple or complex as you like, then savor every sip.

Sunday, forever.

Infuse a taste of Sunday morning into the everyday with Eternal Sunday, our exclusive blend crafted in collaboration with Onyx Coffee Lab. With origins in Ethiopia and Colombia, it’s smooth and balanced with a bright, citrusy finish.

Made to match.

Each ceramic piece in The Cafe Collection is crafted in Portugal from locally sourced and recycled clay, and designed to be the perfect addition to your Fable set. Once you're done brewing, pop each piece in the dishwasher and seize the day ahead.

Try it for 100 days.

Spend some quality time with your new ceramics. Decide your purchase isn’t for you? No problem, we have a 100-day money back guarantee.