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Southeastern Region, Germany

When we set out to make high quality, durable, and beautiful stemware, we found the perfect match—a glassmaker in Germany that’s been honing its craft for over five centuries, melding hand craftsmanship with modern day glassmaking techniques.

Fable Crystal Stemware makers

The Details Matter

It’s the details that set our stemware apart—from the high quality clear crystal to the pulled stem, and the toughening treatment that gives it shatter-resistant strength. Here’s a glimpse into the state-of-the-art approach our glassmakers have been refining since 1521.

The Materials

Our high quality crystal stemware is made from the purest regionally sourced ingredients—siliceous sand, soda, limestone, and metallic oxides—all of which are tested and inspected prior to production. This composition enhances light reflection and refraction, giving each glass its beautiful brilliance and clarity.

Fable person holding crystal wineglass

The Process

Prior to production, the raw materials are carefully inspected before being melted at approximately 1,500°C. As the bowl of each glass is formed, the stem is pulled directly from the bowl to create a single, seamless piece—a technique that enhances both clarity and durability. Next, the foot is formed and attached at the base of the stem. Each piece then undergoes a unique ion-toughening treatment that generates compressive stress on the surface of the glass, making it two times stronger than untreated crystalware. Finally, the Fable logo is engraved on the foot.

Making crystal wineglass with fire

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