Together at Home: Nicole Purdy

By Natalie Gitt
Together at Home: Nicole Purdy

For her namesake clothing line, Nicole Purdy uses consciously-sourced fabric to create everyday wardrobe staples. But for the designer and sewist based in Squamish, BC, there’s another layer to it. “What I’m actually trying to do is create clothing with a story,” she writes, “something people can feel connected to.” These notions aren’t limited to her work; they transcend other aspects of her life, including moments shared around the dining table.

Together with her partner (and our Serving Set), we invited Nicole to host the kind of meal she enjoys the most: one with an abundance of food, laughter, and storytelling. On the menu: everything from charcuterie to steak to seafood linguine (handmade pasta, no less) tossed in a lemon garlic sauce.


“My favourite meals are always the ones where there is a ton of food and a ton of laughter. I love when you feel so comfortable that you can sit at the table for hours just eating, sharing stories, and soaking up each other’s company.”



 “I think that gathering around the table has the most beautiful power. It stops time. Everyone is there for the sole reason of eating good food and enjoying each other’s company. Everyone is present.”



“The conversations are always flowing, the smells are intoxicating, and the room is filled with warm laughter. And nothing else matters. And I suppose that’s kind of what love is. Being present, evoking laughter; being a safe place for another.”




Nicole’s Pick


“I love to make big hearty meals, which means I’m serving a lot of pastas and stews. The size of The Nested Serving Bowls is absolutely perfect for meals like that. They have an amazing weight to them too, where you can feel their quality without being too heavy!”

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* Interview has been lightly condensed.