Outfitting Your
Summer Home

By Natalie Gitt

It’s that time again. The yearly migration marking the start of a slower, simpler way of living, trading the city’s clamor for the country’s calm. Before you depart, take stock of what you’ll need. Whether you’re equipping your cottage, upgrading your cabin, sprucing up your summer home, or provisioning a rented retreat, here’s your checklist for setting up your sanctuary this summer. (And if you have nowhere to escape to, don’t
worry—you can create a serene cottage ambiance at home.)

1. Dining Basics

The charm of cottage life lies in its simplicity. You don’t have to overdo it like you would at home—unless that’s your style. Lay your foundation with a best-selling Base Dinnerware Set, containing four essential ceramic styles that have you covered for any meal—casual or fancy, indoors or out. You’ll also need cutlery, like a durable 18/10 stainless steel Flatware Set. For drinkware, opt for something super tough and scratch-resistant, like the Glassware Set, for those carefree outdoor meals. Add the Serving Ceramics Set and Serving Spoons, and you’re all set.

2. Tools & Utensils

Build on the basics—a good set of pots and pans, cutting boards, and a handful of good knives. A sturdy cast-iron skillet is a staple for everything from morning pancakes to evening steaks. Maybe a slow cooker to simmer away while you enjoy the lake? Don’t forget The Coffee Dripper (and The Mugs) for your morning brew, vital for those misty mornings on the dock. Round out your kitchen toolkit with any additional utensils you might need—and make sure to include a can opener and corkscrew—two indispensable tools it can be tough to fare without.

3. Decor

Because the cottage deserves a little flair! Fresh flowers can uplift any space, so make sure you have a vessel for all those wildflowers you’ll be picking (or farmer’s market bouquets you’ll be picking up). Try The Vase for a multi-functional piece that doubles as a utensil crock by the stove, or The Bud Vases for something more petite. If you really want to simplify, our glassware and carafes double as vases in a pinch.

Another must: taper candles, and holders to match. You never know when you could lose power—but mostly, it’s just cozy to enjoy dinners and evenings with the added warmth of candlelight. (If you’re in lake country or oceanside, you might want to consider grabbing some citronella candles, too.)

4. Textiles

Needless to say, you’ll want to have enough bedding, sheets, and blankets for each bedroom—and extras, in case of unexpected guests. Add an extra layer of comfort with thick towels for those after-swim showers, and a few knitted or patchwork quilts for chilly evenings on the porch. Grab a linen tablecloth to bring added texture to indoor and outdoor meals, and linen napkins to cut down on waste. If you’re aiming to achieve a particular interior design style, strategic additions like rugs, curtains, and throw pillows can seamlessly unify your space’s aesthetic.

5. Essentials

Finally, the non-negotiables. While not the most thrilling aspect of setting up your summer retreat, it’s crucial to come prepared. This includes everyday necessities like clothing and outdoor gear, as well as toiletries and cleaning supplies like The Tawashi Brush—a versatile essential for scrubbing dishes, pots, pans, and root vegetables.

It’s also wise to pack emergency provisions like a first aid kit, flash light, allergy and pain medication, tweezers, bug spray, matches, and a fire extinguisher. Essentially, anything you might need in a pinch to eliminate stress for smooth sailing all summer.

Stock your summer now.


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