The Best Kitchen Styles for a New Home

By Fable Staff
The Best Kitchen Styles for a New Home

Moving into a new home is a big stepping stone in life. Maybe it’s your first home, or maybe it’s your second or third. Either way, there is something magical about a new space and making it your own. 

When moving into a new home, one of the biggest things to consider is the kitchen. Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen and how many people are in there at once. 

Are you the type of family to have snacks and drinks at a kitchen island? Do you like to have make-your-own pizza nights? Where do you enjoy your charcuterie boards the most?

After considering what exactly you are looking for in terms of space and set up, you can begin to decorate your kitchen in style. Everyone has their own personal style, and sometimes it’s fun to blend a few common decor types to create something original.

The important thing is that you set a good foundation. This way, if you choose to move into a new home, your dinnerware, flatware, and serving dishes can all be incorporated into a new kitchen style. Even if you’re just looking to make your old home feel new again, it’s wise to make sure all of your basics can make the transition as well. 

At Fable, we want to make the transition into your new home and kitchen easy for you. We love entertaining and having family and friends over, and we know you do too. That’s why we create our products to support you and your unique lifestyle. It’s also why we want to explore all of the best kitchen styles with you and look at how you can use your Fable dinnerware to accent any kitchen style.


The Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchens are making a comeback. We love going back to the basics, and this is the perfect way to do so. There are countless rustic kitchen ideas, and they all have one thing in common: they’re warm and welcoming.

Rustic kitchens often include an exposed wall of brick or stone. Brick walls in kitchens are often painted a shade of white, and exposed stone walls frequently feature lighter washed stones. This ensures that the wall doesn’t draw all of the attention and doesn’t make the space feel cluttered or too small.

The surrounding walls in the kitchen are painted a color that complements the exposed wall or the upper and lower cupboards. The cupboards in a rustic kitchen often play with earthy tones. Warm cream colors are great options for cabinets, or opt for a more organic feel with natural wood. Either way, you’re going for a warm, homey look. 

When it comes to picking dinnerware to match your rustic-styled kitchen, we suggest going with a Speckled White set that includes all of the essentials. Choose simple silver or gold flatware, depending on what color your cabinet handles are, so that you can accentuate without overwhelming.


The Boho Kitchen

Boho kitchens are cute, fun, and trendy. This kitchen style feels youthful yet elegant, and is a great way to bring a space to life.

In a boho-styled kitchen, mix and match various shades that complement one another. Try going with green and pink, or blue and orange. Think about colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, and then choose muted shades so the contrast isn’t too intense. 

A fantastic way to bring in more color to your boho kitchen is with your dinnerware. We suggest going for Blush Pink or Midnight Blue Dinner Plates, as both are sophisticated enough to enjoy in your new home but still give off the chic, relaxed vibe that you’re looking for in a boho kitchen.

For this kitchen, paint your upper cupboards a fun, vibrant color. If that seems a little too bold for your taste, paint the top cabinets off white and the lower cabinets a pastel color like sage green or robin egg blue. 


The Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens and overall house decor are trendy, yet always in style. They play with whites, woods, and jet black fixtures, all of which complement one another. Farmhouse kitchens generally don’t include too much color, other than a subtle pop somewhere like rusty red salt and pepper shakers or a cool country blue on an accent wall. 

It’s crucial that your kitchen still feels welcoming, which can be quite the challenge with this kitchen style for your new home. Our recommendation is to bring in lots of different shades of wood. Try incorporating wicker chairs, potentially as bar stools at a kitchen island. 

To break up the contrast of the jet black and bright white, try bringing in different shades of gray. Rather than drinking your morning coffee or tea out of white mugs, try these Dove Gray mugs. The different levels of value and color will create interest in the space and make it feel slightly less stark.


The Coastal Kitchen

We love coastal kitchens—there’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, so why wouldn’t you want to bring that home with you? The biggest thing to remember when it comes to a coastal kitchen is to pay close attention to nature’s most beautiful colors and find ways to incorporate them into your space.

Given that the coastal regions of the world and their stories inspire us, all of our items fit perfectly into this style of kitchen. Coastal kitchens are perfect for a new home as they are simple and versatile. 

We recommend introducing countless shades of blue and complementing them with different light-washed woods. You could even incorporate some rougher driftwood-style elements to really amp up the theme. 

Don’t forget to bring in different colored glass. Try placing a vase on your kitchen countertop that is a translucent green or blue. These colors are reminiscent of sea glass and provide a great contrast to any warmer-colored flowers you may have.


The Modern Kitchen

Another very common kitchen style is a modern kitchen. Modern kitchens are great as they are easy to keep clean and tend to be pretty low maintenance, which is perfect for those who live a fast-paced lifestyle. When thinking of modern design, consider sleek lines, geometric shapes, and no clutter. 

Modern kitchens are simple and clean. They often don’t have hardware on the cupboards, which allows you to pick any color Flatware Set that your heart desires. To keep things elegant and polished, we suggest Speckled White Dinnerware


Welcome Home!

Now that we’ve explored all of the best kitchen styles for your new home, it’s time to narrow it down to just one. While it all comes down to personal preference, we do have some tips we want to share.

If this is your first home, take things slowly. Make sure to think about exactly what you want and how things will age as time goes on. Our best advice is to always stick with the timeless classics if you’re stuck on making a decision. In this case, opt for a modern kitchen in your new home. It allows for room for growth, which means that you can change up your kitchen as you grow into your style. 

If you’ve already gone the classic route and want to spice things up in a new home or your current place, go back to the basics and create a rustic kitchen. There’s something so fun about these kitchens, as they almost remind you of summer at an Italian country house.

If your new home is a temporary rental, have some fun with it (in not-so-permanent ways, of course). This is the best time to make your kitchen a fun, bright, and colorful place as you won’t have time to get bored of it. Hang up boho-chic curtains and accessorize with houseplants and brightly-colored rugs. 

If your new house is a cottage, farmhouse, or country house, we suggest going with either a farmhouse style kitchen or coastal kitchen. While these two are very different from one another, they do have a lot of similarities. It’s possible to create a farmhouse-style kitchen and then transform it into a coastal kitchen by introducing more blues and removing the jet-black colors.

Whichever kitchen style you land on for your home, we have a feeling you’ll be over the moon. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a style, keep in mind that it always helps to draw inspiration from the space by immersing yourself in it, and you may also be inspired by the powerful people around you.




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